Monday, March 24, 2008

a pretty cool day

When I got to work, one of my colleagues called me over to her desk and showed me her braces. She had her adjustment that morning and now had dark blue ligatures! She had liked my metallic blue and thought that what she got was the same. Hers is not metallic blue. On the bottom, she had all metal ties and no colored ligatures at all.

So for lunch, I had some Greek food, chicken pita with spinach and cheese, plus rice and potatoes. It took me a while to order it as the right arm tatooed guy tried to help me to place my order.

It was all good and no issues at all. I took two fries from one of my colleagues with whom I was eating.

I brushed one I got back to work, one of my colleagues commented on my dental hygiene.

I had two meetings today which was interesting with my colored ligatures. They both went well and I had no issues at all, but it was fun looking at each one in the meeting. I also had a one on one talk with another guy and I stared him in the face the entire time as I always do; it was interesting.

Once home, I had some cashew and crackers.

Oh, I did ask my colleagues and my boss for their Ortho as the search begins.

The left side of my cheeks is all eroded and just really chaffed due to the metal brackets in that area; is there no relief? The right side is fine now.

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