Saturday, March 22, 2008

my waitress is in retainers

I had some crackers as I was so hungry while at the airport. I actually felt a little pain in my upper right canine.

Later, I had a banana split with whipped cream, a cherry and pineapple topping; it was vanilla and strawberry ice cream.

My waitress was wearing her retainers proudly, although hiding it a bit. To make her more comfortable I smiled and she smiled back. I then asked her how long has she had her retainers and she responded, just since December. Her teeth looks fantastic. She's had braces for the last three years and for two years prior she's had an expander, ouch she added. So five year in treatment and now a further year at least with retainers.

She says he is very happy with the results as now people are complimenting her on her smile; she smile when she said that of course.

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