Monday, March 31, 2008

Lunch and the Ortho search continues

For lunch, I had some curry chicken and Spanish rice. It was all good and I had no issues although the chicken was a bit hard.

On my way to my desk with lunch, one of my colleagues asked me how long I had braces. I told her and added that I have a year left. She thought it was cool and we chatted about it a little on my way up to my floor. She said that one of her friends have braces too and said that she had issues eating.

I was able to brush after lunch so that was good as I had food everywhere especially on the lower brackets.

I did call a new Ortho and have an apointment set up for tomorrow at 2:00p. I made it that late as I have to contact my Ortho's office in the morning to get my records. The new office will do a free initial consultation to determine what gives. They have to office and I will go to the farther one as I rented a car for two days, but then I will go to the closer one for appointments if I choose them.

It was weird when I called the old office as they had already moved all the records to their new office. Sadly they are closed on Mondays so that is why I have to wait until tomorrow.

I did spot my colleague who has ceramics, but did not have a chance to ask how he was doing with his treatment.

Once home, I had three chicken sandwich and some rice from Kentucky's. I just felt like having a snacker. I also had two slices of bread. Later, I had a mango and even later a banana.

I did brush and did a very mini floss plus Listerine before bed.

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