Friday, March 28, 2008

I ate a lot today and the Ortho search continues

I got up early and did not have anything before I left the house. I did brush and add Listerine. The only thing I felt was a tension on my upper arch and the usual rubbing of my teeth as they continue to move.

Later at work, I had a foot long subway chicken teriyaki sandwich with lettuce, tomato, cheese cucumber and green peppers on a whole wheat bun. It was all good although I had the lady cut it in three for me.

I was hungry by late afternoon, so I had a pack of animal crackers. I ate heartily although it really hurt my mouth to eat it.

I did call two Ortho office, but they were both closed so I will find out what gives on Monday. One is close to work in the Medical Center and the other is at my dentist; this is the one who only comes on Saturday. They did say he may start coming on a Friday, so we will see work works.

A friend of mine also said that I should check his ex-Ortho as he was quite good. He is now in retainers which he only wears at night.

I went out to the ballpark and a guy came and sat in front of me and he had braces. It was ceramics on top and metallic on the bottom. He left before I could ask him about his treatment. He did look like he was having trouble with it though based on how he kept doing his mouth.

Then for dinner, I had chilli, brown rice, grilled salmon and spinach. I was so full as I should not have had that chilli with it all.

Once home, I brushed, flossed and added Listerine very late.

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