Friday, March 21, 2008

The adjustment

I was able to get out of my house at waht seemed in time, but I ended up missing a bus by about two minutes. I called Metro to find when was the next one. It showed up at 8:15a, although it was due at 8:13a. I knew this was critical and figured I'd miss the 8:19a connection.

Sure enough when I got to the connection point, the other bus was already there. I told the driver what I was doing and he started honking his horn. I am not sure if it did any good, but I was able to catch the bus as it was stuck at the light.

I arrived at the office at 8:26a and they were closed. They are usually open at this time. This would be the second time that this is occurring. A lady and her daughter was was in metal braces showed up and then another lady was in ceramics on top and metal on the bottom braces also showed up. Still the office remained closed.

I took the time to talk with my mom and the subject of braces came up. She asked how the treatment was going and was happy that my tooth had moved forward. She was also stressing that my sister needed to fix her tooth as well as she has a similar issue, but not as bad as mine. We both have the extra tooth on the inside of our upper arch.

The Ortho actually passed by to see how many of us were waiting, but did not say anything. He later told me that he had no key to let us in so he could not have helped.

At about 8:50a, we were let in and signed the book.

As we were called, we were asked about the letter we received. I overheard one lady say that she wanted to go back to our original Ortho as the two locations given are too far away.

When it was my turn, I advised that I am not able to visit either, so now what? The really surly admin asst. brusquely asked the metal braced lady at the computer to look up my records and see how much I have paid so far. She reported that I have a credit of $1,832.00. So then the surly asst. said that they would me credit me that back and I'd have to find a new Ortho by April 1 so that they can take me off their books. So I said, now where will I find someone who will finish up for that price and she kind of huffed at that remark. I continued pointing out that this is really not fair as my contract was to have their company finish the process and it was not my fault that they were moving. She was still cold and said nothing and just moved one. She did give me her name and said I should call with the info when I have it as long as it is before the 1st of April. She then told the braced lady to delete my records from the system; not sure what that meant, and add that I cannot continue with them as I have no transport to do so. She was really looking at my strange as to why I do not have a car, which is really none of her business.

I was so pissed as I went with a new Asst. for my adjustment. She removed the ligatures and while waiting, I talked with her about the move. She was more sympathetic and understood where I was coming from and offered up suggestions. She then asked me what color ligs I wanted and I told her to show me the chart. I chose metallic blue for the top and yellow for the bottom as I had not tried that as yet.

The Ortho came by said hello and apologized for the doors being closed when we arrived. The other two people who were there with me when they opened were in the chairs getting treated as well.

He looked at my teeth and made comments to himself and then wrote stuff down. When he was done, I told him that I wont be following them to the new office as I have no transport. He said he understood; I then asked if he had any suggestions as to what I should do. At the moment, the surly lady came over and started her rant. "I already spoke to him," she belted out as if I cannot talk to the guy who I am paying for my services myself. I could feel her huffing over my head. She kept interrupting him as he spoke to me and even tried to call him away before he was done. He promptly ignored her and finished up our conversations. Option to fax me a list of ADA Orthos for the area I am in so I can take a look. Admirable!

Once that lady went away grrrr...The other Asst. came back, read his instructions and put a metal tie on one of the lower incisors and started adding the yellow lig to the bottoms. She then put them on the top and I reminded her that I should have metallic blue on top. She smiled and said oops...I then asked how come I am not getting powerchains and she went and asked the Ortho and he said give him powerchains if that is what he wants. What I want? I thought...

She then fitted me with powerchains on top, checking the chart to see where they should start. Once she was done, she asked me if anything was poking and I said no. I thanked them all, wrote down my fax number and thanked the Ortho and headed for the front office.

It was a madhouse there. I had not seen that many people in that office ever. I quickly said goodbye and exited as I was really upset with how the office had handled the situation. A nice long letter to the Corporate office will make me feel better as well as to anyone else who will listen ala some consumer affairs place.

I caught a bust at 9:44a after running a bit to catch up and was at work by 10:10a.

I saw my boss and was talking to him about it and he says that he'll recommend his son's Ortho which is close to my house. He said he would get his details and advise. I hope the Doctor is in my network, not that it matters anyways since the insurance already paid their part of the cost.

Later at 1:04p, I got a fax from my Ortho with a number of referrals for me to check their proximity to my house. He is a good guy for following up.

The problem with the whole deal is that I've already chosen my Employee Spending Account amount, so I can't even up it so that I can afford a new Ortho at this point...The saga is not over I am sure.

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